A new era is emerging, one where our connection and knowledge of  nature will determine our future.  

EcoArt is about human evolution, a new era of enlightenment and regaining connection to our earth. Each piece is created from handmade earth pigment paints on natural materials. It is full cycle art that is a living example of how natural materials are superior and can create anything we imagine if we put our mind to it.

Lindsay Seligman painting in PeruIt started with two year mission through the US and South America to find new ways living and connecting with the world around me. I learned that we can take clays and soils and nurture them into plants, roll them into ovens for food, boil them into dies for cloth, pound them into houses for shelter and grind them into paints for expression. I was taught how to take rocks from the river in the high amazon of Peru and grind them into natural earth pigments, a source of color used since the dawn of culture, natural, free, vibrant, long lasting and pure.

earth pigmentsMy first series using this technique was done on handmade  banana tree paper and is a homage to the people and nature of the area. I saw where every material I used came from. I remembered things long forgotten and the value things can have that are right under my feet, natural and free. A very empowering feeling.

Now back in the States, I use different sources of natural earth pigments, build my frames by hand using natural glue and prime the linen using techniques of the old masters all with natural materials. The images I paint are things around me people and nature. The materials are made with direct elements from our earth. They are non-toxic, no-voc, handmade and designed with the intent to inspire.

My aim is to inspire you to celebrate life, think about our connection to it and search everyday for ways to reconnect and nurture the word that nurtures you.



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