Earth Pigment Search

On May 8, 2013

So I am finally on the road to finding some local earth pigments!! After talking to many people, doing copious research  and worrying how and where to find pigments all it really took was taking a cruise out on the 8 Freeway. Who knew..I didn’t and mainly because my eyes had never been open before. I never noticed what lush colors existed in my own hometown of San Diego. These are the most exciting pictures of dirt I have ever taken! ;)

IMG_4370 IMG_4371 IMG_4372 IMG_4373

Search for bright colors and cracked dirt. Cracks are an indication that clay is present which is great for making smooth paints with little effort.


how to make earth pigments


Have fun and enjoy! Remember that these paints are natural, non-toxic and archival quality. Always be careful and educate yourself on the local geology. Although less common, some toxins can be in earth. Lastly always wear a mask because inhaling dust of any kind is not good even if it is non-toxic.

Have fun and experiment with nature’s free gifts!


PS here is a peak at my studio I am getting it ready for something awesome that I hope to share in my next post!

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