First Annual 1:1 Movement

On December 16, 2012

1:1 Movement First Annual Art Show

Jan 11, 2012
6:30- 10:30
Co-Merge – 330 A St. San Diego, CA 92101

One of  a kind art bags made from Upcycled Vinyl. Come bid on them at the 1:1 Movement First Annual Art Show and get your own! 1:1 is an awesome non-profit here in San Diego that educates students and the community about how to empower themselves improving the environment, community and world. Their signature trademark are these Upcycled Vinyl bags made from old signs and scraps showing how anyone can reuse waste from our local city can create something usefu. Just one of the millions of little things that together make a BIG difference. Check out 1:1 Movement here.

Below are the bags I painted. They are made in acrylic since I had a lot of old paints left in my house (since I switched to all natural). Thankfully these acrylics worked perfectly for the Bags and are ready to raise some money to make some change.

More Event Details Here


1:1 Movement art bags

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